えいが = movie written in hiragana, one kind of the Japanese alphabets.

타이틀 = title written in hangul, name of the Korean alphabets.

Putting them together, it logically follows that this blog is about movie titles in Japanese and Korean languages. :)

I am one of the many people who are fascinated by these 2 countries' cultures and have been working hard to learn the languages.

When I came to a conclusion to build this site, thought up of the site name えいが타이틀(and with it,  J.K. Titling, my alias for the site. LOL forgive my cheesiness), and started searching for movie names to blog, a sudden thought hit me. 

"Why not add Thai names too?" You see, as a native Thai myself, it's only right that I represent my beloved country and who knows, there might be people learning Thai who will benefit from this out there in the world too, right?

But I'd hate to change the site name and my alias which I spent days to come up with. LOL so there, the site remains えいが타이틀 and I, J.K. Titling. 

I give translations to selected words in each blog post too so as not to make this blog pure entertainment. This is, by no means, not to shun people who read only for fun away. Aren't we all curious to know what other cultures call our favorite movies?

- J.K. Titling   

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