Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Banquet

"The Banquet" is an international title of this Hamlet-adaptation Chinese movie whereas "Legend of the Black Scorpion" is the movie name used specifically for its U.S. release. 

The original Chinese title is 夜宴 (ye yan) which translates to "banquet".

While the Korean title is directly translated from the original Chinese title "夜宴", the Japanese title is newly named (and with a mistake?).

Japan: 女帝 [エンペラー]  = Empress[Emperor] 

  • 女帝 = empress
  • エンペラー = "emperor" written in katakana

(It's not just you! I'm lost too!)

Korea: 야연 = Korean reading of 夜宴

Thailand: ศึกสะท้านภพ สยบบัลลังก์มังกร  = Earth-shattering War, Conquer the Dragon Throne

  • ศึก = war
  • สะท้าน = shiver, tremble
  • ภพ = world, earth
  • สยบ = conquer, defeat
  • บัลลังก์ = throne
  • มังกร = dragon 

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