Friday, June 7, 2013

Infernal Affairs

Infernal Affairs is a Hong Kong flick which "The Departed" is adapted from. Its original Chinese title is 無間道. 

無 = no
間 = space, gap, interval
道 = way, path, road

Literal translation would be "no gap path" or "endless road". However, 無間 is also the name of the most cruel hell, Avici. Hence, the English title "Infernal Affairs".

Japan: インファナル・アフェア = "Infernal Affair" written in katakana  

Korea: 무간도 = Korean way of reading "無間道".   

Thailand: สองคนสองคม = "Two Guys, Two Blades".

  • สอง = two
  • คน = human, person, classifier for counting persons
  • คม = sharp (edge), clever 

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