Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sex Is Zero

"Sex Is Zero" is the English title of the Korean movie "색즉시공" which is the Korean way to read the Chinese phrase "色即是空".

According to Chinese Wikipedia, "色即是空" originates from Buddhism, and while usually mistakenly perceived to mean "sex is zero"(lust is naught), the real meaning is "a lot is little".

To fully understand the philosophy behind these 4 words, one needs to look at the entire context, which is "色不異空,空不異色;色即是空,空即是色。" and translates to "a lot is not different from little, little is not different from a lot; a lot is little, little is a lot." meaning things change all the time.

Japan: セックス イズ ゼロ  = "Sex Is Zero" written in katakana

Korea: 색즉시공, 色即是空  

Thailand: ขบวนการปิ๊ิด ปี้ ปิ๊ด

  • ขบวนการ = movement, gang, organization, campaign
  • ปิ๊ด ปี้ ปิ๊ด = whistle sound usually used in military training

Please allow me to refrain myself from translating the Thai title to English. ^^;

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