Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Being John Malkovich

"Being John Malkovich" is one weird movie. Let's see how well the weirdness got translated in the movie titles of each country.

Japan:マルコヴィッチの穴 = Malkovich's hole

  • マルコヴィッチ = Malkovich
  • 穴 = hole

Korea:존 말코비치 되기 = Being John Malkovich

  • 존 말코비치 = John Malkovich
  • 되기 = becoming, being (from the verb 되다 to be, to become)

Thailand:ตายละหว่า...ดูดคนเข้าสมองคน = My goodness!...Men suck into a human's brain!

  • ดูด = to suck, to draw
  • คน = human, man, person
  • สมอง = brain

Don't you just love the Thai titles? They are never lazy.

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