Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding, one of the most memorable films ever. It's been over ten years but the "I say a little prayer for you" musical scene, the jello vs. Crème brûlée dialog, and the karaoke from hell scene are still clear in my mind. That's saying a lot considering the kind of brain I have. :P

Japan : "ベスト・フレンズ・ウェディング" = "Best Friend's Wedding" written in katakana. Appearently, keeping "My" in the title would make it too long in Japan. :P

Korea : "내 남자친구의 결혼식" means "My Boyfriend's Wedding". For some unknown reason, Koreans decided to change "best friend" to "boyfriend"!

  • 남자친구 = boyfriend
  • 결혼 = marriage
  • 결혼식 = wedding ceremony

Thailand : "เจอกลเกลอ วิวาห์อลเวง" literally means "meet friend's tricks, chaotic wedding".

  • เจอ = to meet, to face, to encounter
  • กล = trick
  • เกลอ = friend (a little archaic)
  • วิวาห์ = wedding
  • อลเวง = chaotic

I swear Thai movie titles are the hardest to translate ever!! grrrgh

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