Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lost in Translation

This is one movie that this blog can't do without. :P

In Japan, there's no change in the title. "ロスト・イン・トランスレーション" is just "Lost in Translation" written in katakana.

The Korean title "사랑도 통역이 되나요?" means "Can love be translated too?"

  • 사랑 = love
  • 통역 = translate, interpret
In Thailand, the full movie name is "Lost in Translation หลง/เหงา/รัก".
  • หลง = lost (but can also mean infatuate)
  • เหงา = lonely
  • รัก = love
Yes, we seem to love stringing words together in Thailand. :P

In my opinion, we should not alter the movie title in this case because the original meaning might get lost in translation. (sorry for the lame pun. can't help myself.)

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