Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dead Poets Society

Let me celebrate the start of this new blog with one of my favorite movies of all times, Dead Poets Society!

In Japan, they decided to go for a softer image and titled it "いまを生きる(ima wo ikiru)" which means "Live the present". 

  • いま = now
  • 生きる = to live

In Korea, however, the title is literally translated to "죽은 시인의 사회".

  • 시인 = poet
  • 죽은 시인 = dead poet
  • 사회 = society
In Thailand, the title sounds like that of an evening-slot TV drama targeted to preteens. "ครูครับ เราจะสู้เพื่อฝัน" means "Teacher, we will fight for our dreams".

I personally love the original English title. It's very unique, memorable and makes one curious about the movie. So, among all these, which one do you prefer?

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